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    I wanted to share my experience with the construction of the picture frame project.
    This sure looks easy when Paul shows it but I had a hard time on my first frame(s). Everything that could go wrong went wrong. This first frame got burned 🙂

    My second frame was already better but I found it hard to glue the corners and splines together.
    Here is a picture of the glue up of a corner:

    The finished piece after planing:

    Then I decided that it was time to go trough my stack of reclaimed lumber. I found some short pieces of oak and planed them to uniform thickness.
    A while ago I already purchased some cheap frames with real glass at a good prices (1,25€ for a frame sized 21×29.7cm). I also bought some smaller frames (10x15cm) for 0,75€. This way I was sure I had good glass and I didn’t had to cut it myself (or cut myself :-))
    This is my 3rd attempt in oak:

    I struggled with the glue-up and clamping and found an alternative way to clamp them. (No band clamps available at a reasonable price in my area). I took some masonry rope (?) and tied a knot so the loop fitter the frame. Then I added 2 blocks of wood in between every frame side (in the middle) and the rope. Then I applied pressure by moving the blocks the the corners. This adds a lot of clamping pressure and allows you to evaluate the ‘mighters’. After some small corrections I could glue it up.
    Here is my clamping setup:


    Here is a picture of a miter before glueing up:

    After I let the glue cure for an hour, it was time to saw the splines. I found it much easier to do this after the glue had dried.
    After cleaning everything up, I had the following frames:

    Next thing to do it apply shellac to them and a picture to the frame.

    I also was wondering how other people hang these frames to the wall?
    I’ll try to create another image of how I fixed my picture back/glass to the frame.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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