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    This weekend I took my father to the local antique mall just minutes from my house, he needed a metal working vise and I knew there was a Record Made in England #03 for $40, I almost bought it myself.

    I built my tool chest in his basement before I moved and had space for my own shop. He would watch me work and come and check my progress, he even helped me paint it, although he disapproved of painting over the dovetails.

    He is not a woodworker, born in 1950, he looked at all of the booths at the antique mall and took his time. I am sure items brought back all kinds of memories.

    One comment he made I thought I should share. He said “Someone should really gather up all of the furniture here, cause no one is making it anymore.”

    I just smiled.

    To all members: Keep up the good work, I know this has motivated me.

    Thank you Paul for sharing your knowledge and educating so many people.
    I want younger generations to have quality pieces of furniture and to have the knowledge to build the pieces.


    Good stuff… Thanks for sharing.

    Ontario, Canada

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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