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    Korneel Valcke

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I was able to buy this toolchest, filled to the brim.
    I wanted to share it with you all.

    The dimensions of the chest are 995x495mm with a height of 565mm.
    It is not in the best shape. The skirt has come apart and the lid is
    also badly damaged. The ironwork is also very rusted.

    The tools looked to have been dumped in them quite some time ago.

    This is what I found inside:

    1 wooden jointer plane
    1 wooden block plane
    19 moulding planes
    10 hollows and rounds (some matched, others didn’t)
    2 planes with an iron skate in the middle (don’t know what they are for)
    7 gouges
    15 chisels
    1 hole saw
    1 small mallet
    2 mortise gauges (1 with pins on the 4 sides, each with a different width)
    1 drawknife
    1 carpenter axe?
    1 kunz spokeshave no 65
    1 whetstone
    2 try squares
    2 sliding bevels

    and then some more 🙂
    If you notice something I didn’t mention its because I don’t know what it is.
    Can someone help me out with that?
    Most of the planes are marked with JS. Any idea who made them?

    Best regards,


    Bruges, Belgium

    David C

    Hi Korre nice find,seem to be lots there. Looks like some of the wood got woodworm. I would sort that sharpish. Happy cleaning.

    Southampton, UK.