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    So I bought an old rip saw on ebay. The thing was sure sharped oddly. has a distinct curve from front tooth to back tooth. Some of the center teeth have a second tooth filed into them. The thing hardly cuts the way it is, but the seller showed a 2″ block of oak it ripped into 8 inches deep with ten strokes. Not this saw…why do people have to make stuff up? I bought the saw on it’s merits, nit what they said it could do. Any who… the dilemma I face is whether or not to take it down past the odd teeth and start over, including leveling/flattening the teeth front to back?


    Well, if the Ebay seller did not describe it corectly, you have th option of pursuing it through Ebay…. if that counts as an option. In the past I’ve contacted the seller and said (politely) that it was not as described and asked what they proposed to do… (i.e. return it and reimburse me). Usually it works.

    Or, if it’s a good saw despite the problems, and you have the inclination and capabilities, file the whole thing flat and re-cut a set of new teeth to your liking.

    Paul Sellers has a You-Tube video on a method of cutting new teeth and there’s a whole set of tooth templates here that you can print off to scale:

    Good luck.

    David Perrott

    Yea that going to take some work. First off the gullets need to have the same depth. I think someone tried to increase the amount of teeth by adding teeth. First I think you will have to joint it until you get rid of those extra teeth. Then you will probably just be able to work what left of the gullet and not have to completely recut them. It will be some work involved. Get a couple of files! you will need them!

    Roger Evans

    Yes, with a flat file – 2nd cut or smooth – file the whole length of the cutting edge unit lit is flat, or nearly flat if you’re in danger of losing the teeth altogether. Then sharpen in the normal way. If you’ve never sharpened a saw before watch Paul Sellars’ video. It’s excellent.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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