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    Hi all

    I am UK based and have started my bench build using wood from B&Q, my design is very close to the bench in Paul’s book with a couple of changes. Yesterday I glued up the top, it didn’t really take me long to get the wood ready but I may reconfigure my spare no 4 plane into a scrub for the rest of the project. So far I have spent £70 on wood and I don’t anticipate it will cost me much more. I went for rough sawn rather than PAR so I could get some planing practice. I have to give thanks to Paul and his team for providing such a resource as he does, it really is an inspiration. I will be subscribing to the project series once I am up and running with the bench. I haven’t done any woodwork since I was at school but what a revelation it is when you have sharp tools!
    Anyway here is a quick picture of the top before glue


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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