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    Hi. I know there is quite a few woodworkers from Norway here 🙂 SO let’s have a common space where we could share some info.

    I, personally, struggle with buying tools (and buy them for reasonable money) and getting hold of any other wood except pine and spruce (gran og furu). I mean – where is all the birch and oak? So any advise on that would be nice!

    I can list some of the obvious places to buy stuff (exept Ebay :):
    1. Verktøy AS (http://www.verktoyas.no) – really nice shop, but usually only Veritas tools and occasional Soba (which is quite nice tools I would say).
    2. Billingstad Trelast (http://www.billingstadtrelast.no/) – yet to try, but they seems to have some hard woods in proper sizes.

    Would like to hear you suggestions on where to buy things (especially in Bergen area :)).


    I suggest we switch this thread to Norwegian.

    Norske Lauvtrebruk har en liste over sag og høvlerier som driver med løvtre rundtom i landet.

    Selv har jeg handlet på Svenneby sag, og de var supre å handle med. Man må avtale på forhånd, og det er vanlig arbeidstid som gjelder.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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