Oak clock. Would like some opinions on my third attempt

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    Hi guys first time post would be great to get some expert opinions on my clock

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    Eddy Flynn


    @lespaul i’m no expert but this is a fantasic looking clock i really like the crispness of those miters on the front panel

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK



    Thanks alot. Had alot of fun with this project. There is just something with making clocks. so satisfying.

    James Savage


    I’m just a beginner but It looks great to me, all your joints look really tight. I’d hang it on my wall any day.

    Jim - Derbyshire.




    One thing i have learned in my short time as a woodworker is how forgiving photographs can be. Cheers for the kind responses.

    Matt McGrane


    I think your clock looks great in oak. The front panel looks nicely done and the bead details look fine. I’ll have to get really picky to give any constructive advice. I mean REALLY picky. Do I see a tiny little chip-out on the right side of the bottom piece round-over? If so, make certain that you are rounding over the end grain edges before the long grain edge and use the 45° angle when planing the end grain round-overs to avoid major chip-outs.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016: http://tinyshopww.blogspot.com/

    Dave Riendeau


    It looks great but, if you are hanging it, then build the little bottom bit with the mitred moulding. It is not hard to do and the result is a much nicer looking piece hanging on the wall. I don’t know what it is about the bottom part but it really ties the whole clock together.




    Looks great to me!

    Greg Merritt


    I don’t think any of us feel qualified to critique anyones work. I also feel that we are doing a disservice to each other by not doing so. I think its time that we began to offer any constructive criticism, especially when it’s requested. Since you asked, here goes.

    First, the clock looks very nice and I would be proud to have made it myself. There are only a couple things that I would address in the future. The round overs still look faceted and there are a couple of places where the grain chipped out. A little more time with the coarse sandpaper would have made all the difference. On the right side of the raised panel there appear to be a couple of stutter marks from the plane. Again, a little more time with the sandpaper would have erased those as well. Your joinery and technique look to be just fine. Spend a little more time with the cleanup and you will be golden. Raking light will bring out the issues quicker than anything. A desk lamp or a trouble light will help to identify areas like I pointed out above.

    There, I did it. It felt wrong and I feel dirty all over for having done it. But I hope that it helps you in the long run.




    I think you should be proud.
    Is it perfect, no, but the point is to try for that goal, God help us if we attain it. Where would the challenges come from.
    It looks GREAT



    I understand Greg’s point very much…I really want to offer encouragement and well wishes to everyone for everything they do here. But he is right about offering little bits of helpful critique, especially when asked for. It’s a tough line to walk, for sure. I applaud your effort, Les, for it is indeed a fine looking clock. All of us have struggled to achieve perfection in our work, from the most inexperienced to the most masterful. I think perhaps Roubo’s book on marquetry has a little gem in its title; “to make as perfectly as possible”. Do the best you can *at the time* with the skills, knowledge and tools available to you. Take what you learn and do it better next time. If you are happy with the results, that is what matters. But like Greg said, since you asked for opinions, we should be obliged to offer some.

    Overall, the clock looks very nice. The front panel is very well done and the proportions are pleasing as a whole. No, its not perfect, but a fine effort nonetheless. You should absolutely be proud of it and by no means feel discouraged. Looking forward to seeing the next project.

    mike forbes


    Looks damn fine to me. Sure you could clean up a few parts (top and bottom boards) but sandpaper is evil 🙂 and why I started using planes. The clock, the joints, miters are great. Be happy to put it on my mantle.

    I like the roubo quote above “to make as perfectly as possible” or as I like to say “good enough”. Good enough is not slacking, its just as far as one can take a projection without diminishing returns. You can always do better next time I say.

    Boulder,CO http://mikeofallthings.com



    How could you? Only joking. Thank you for your honest opinion. 🙂



    Cheers everybody nice to Speak to you all

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