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    Hello all, I have decided to take up this wonderful class and am really enjoying it so far. I am under the impression that these projects have been done in a certain order to build certain skills to help with the following project. Anyhow, can anyone tell me what the order is from start to the most recent rocking chair episode or at least point me in the right direction? I would really love to start these projects from the beginning and follow them through. Thank you in advance!

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    I’ve always assumed it is the order in which the videos are listed on the web site?

    I’m watching them in that order and they all seem to follow on from each other, but that might just be me!





    Hello Tizzie and welcome,

    This is how I save all the videos:

    ## Projects (in order by date)

    1 – Wall Clock
    2 – Carring Tote
    3 – Dovetail Boxes
    4 – Coffee Table
    5 – Sandpaper Caddy
    6 – Breadboard-end Cutting Board
    7 – Toolchest
    8 – Walking Cane
    9 – Bench Stool
    10 – Bookshelves
    11 – Sofa Table
    12 – Craftsman Lamp
    13 – Corner Shelf
    14 – Shaker Style Bench
    15 – Picture Frames
    16 – Occasional Table
    17 – Coasters
    18 – Joiners Toolbox
    19 – Foot Stool
    20 – Trestle Dining Table
    21 – Dining Chair
    22 – Shaker Stool
    23 – Assembly Bench
    24 – Wall Hung Tool Cabinet
    25 – Carved Mirror Frame
    26 – Wooden Wall Brackets
    27 – Chest Board
    28 – Making Table
    29 – Sawhorses
    30 – Rocking Chair

    ## Tools (without order)

    beading marking tool
    beading markingtool variations
    Cam Clamps
    Correcting the Zona Saw
    Curved Scraper Shaping
    Gouge Sharpening
    Joiners Mallet
    Large Mitre Box
    Making Rebate Plane
    Making a Small Square
    Making Chair Devils
    Making Saw Chocks
    Making the Frame Saw
    Making Winding Sticks
    Making Wooden Planes
    Moulding Plane Sharpening
    No. 80 Cabinet Scraper
    Poor mans mitre box
    Recutting teeth
    Restoring the Bench Plane
    saw sharpening
    Scraper sharpening
    Scrub Plane
    Sharpening a Auger Bit
    Sharpening a Crosscut Handsaw
    Shooting board
    Spokeshave Sharpening Holder
    Tapering Jig
    Using Chair Devils
    Wooden Spokeshave Sharpening
    Best regatds,

    ## Techniques (without order)

    Clamping Techniques
    Edge Jointing
    Edge Jointing Thick Stock
    Planing Long Wide Boards
    Poor Man’s Drill Bit
    Preparing Rough Stock
    Squaring round nails
    Sstock preparation I
    Stock Preparation II
    Thickness Planer
    Timber dog jointing
    Turn buttons
    Using Scrapers

    Really, it’s a lot of fun 😉

    I hope this helps.


    With love, best regards from Catalonia.



    I’d recommend building a workbench first if you don’t already have one. Having a solid and stable platform to work on makes a huge difference, and building it teaches a lot in itself!




    Thank you so much!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to building these projects when I can. I already built the assembly table to use for a sharpening station and loved making it. I am also a member of The Hand Tool School, so I have plenty of practice projects to keep me busy for quite a while.Thanks again!



    Hey, thanks for the advice. Luckily I was able to build 2 benches this summer. One 6 footer with a 4″ thick top for in the barn for summer work and a 7′ Nicholson style in the basement for winter projects. I am also thinking of building the Moravian bench as well just because it looks like a fun project and I like that it is easily assembled and disassembled for portability and storage. It would be nice some days to have a bench to work on outside when the weather is perfect. Thank you for the reply and happy woodworking!

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