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    My mother, bless her little cotton socks, has far more faith in me than I do! She wants me to build a bookcase for her. I’ve looked around for some basic bookcases and noticed the one in the picture on page 96 of The Book. Unfortunately, that’s not one of the projects in the book and it is not mentioned anywhere. So, my question: Do any of Paul’s workbooks contain a sketch with dimensions for this particular case? Of course, my project width and height might be different to fit Mom’s needs. But, is the carcase (do bookshelves have carcases?) 8/4? Are the shelves 4/4 or 3/4″? That’s the kind of thing I’d like some info on.

    Thanks folks!

    John Purser


    Boy, didn’t you come to the right place.

    Some time back Paul did a video series on building bookshelves. It’s a 10 video series complete with cutting list and diagrams.

    This particular project used wood 13/16 of an inch thick but obviously if you’re willing to think that through you can use wood of the thickness you like. Just remember to let the changes ripple through.

    The bookshelves series is available if you’re a paying member. If not you can purchase just that project I believe. There is also the Gallery where you can see how this bookshelf project turned out for other people. And there is some activity in the Bookshelves project forum that might be worth a read.


    Book Shelves Gallery


    Bookshelves Forum:


    Luck to you and your Mom,

    John Purser

    John Purser
    Hubert, NC

    Dave Ring

    “8/4” and “4/4″ refer to the nominal preplaned thicknesses of boards–2″ and 1″, respectively. When sold surfaced on four sides (S4S), the actual thicknesses would be 1 3/4″ and 3/4”.

    I’m guessing that Paul used 13/16″ stock because that’s what was readily available. 3/4″ stuff should work OK as long as you adjust the dimensions of the piece accordingly.



    Thanks for the response! I, however, have to hang my head in shame and sorrow. I’ve been a member of the Woodworking Master Classes site for years. On a recent site visit, I finally realized Paul’s bookcase project built the bookcase from the book.

    Oh, well.

    Thanks again.



    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your response. My question really had to do with the specific bookcase in the book. I was looking for such things as final height, width, and depth, as well as the height of the shelves.

    I just learned, however, that Paul’s bookcase project address that specific bookcase!

    Again, thanks.



    @rchrismon Paul’s tool book has pictures of knives on p.96. Which book do you mean, please? What is the title?

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