Paul Sellers' method for making table top buttons?

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    Some time ago I watched one of his videos (don’t remember which), where he showed how to make fast table top buttons. I’m having trouble finding it. Anyone know where it is?

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    There’s an oldish, short video on WWMC called ‘Turn-Buttons’
    where they are made in pairs from one piece of waste. It tends to revolve around getting a precise split in the right place from a compliant bit of wood.

    There are other methods: for example I cut them in sets across the end of a board; mark and cut a long rebate of the required depth across the end then mark each out, drill the holes and cut across and down wards. You’ll get about 6 x 1 inch wide buttons out of a 7 inch wide board. Repeat it all for a dozen and so on
    There are many ways to do it… depends how many you need.
    Good luck



    @weslee, the first method he shows is the one I remember. Thank you.

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