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    Tom Hitchner

    Totally off topic, but I saw a nice little utility trailer in one of Paul’s recent videos on Paul Sellers blog website. Does anyone know what the make of that is? It looked like a nice size to pull with a low towing capacity vehicle. Of course, I’m in USA, so maybe it is a UK deal…

    Debra Jenney

    It sure looks like a U-Haul utility trailer, especially with the red-orange stripe.


    I believe harbor freight has a small trailer that you would have to put a deck on but could be pulled with a team of german shepards.

    Jim Thornton

    Don’t know about the utility trailer, but I’d really like to know where to get the hat he’s wearing!

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    Jim Sculley

    It’s a TEMA trailer. Better picture can be seen here:


    Company website:


    Thomas Angle

    Thanks I was wondering the same thing. Of course I could have enlarged the image and read TEMA (never crossed me mind).

    Arbovale, WV

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    Benoît Van Noten

    “I’d really like to know where to get the hat”

    google “men’s tweed flatcap”, look at the pictures and you will find links.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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