Planing blade adjustment lever moves

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    Manuel Aragon

    Hello, what can be the problem with my planing blade? When I’m planing I notice that the adjustment lever moves to the right which causes my blade to move. Obviously this takes me out of square. I’ve checked the tightness of the screw but it doesn’t help. Could my blade be slightly out of square cause this. I’m using a stanley #4 smoothing plane. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated

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    Larry Geib


    Checking your blade should be easy with a good combination or other square. Post pics.

    There are some other issues to check.

    1) check the cutter is flat. A Warped blade could cause a pivot point.
    Check the chip breaker is tensioning the cutter. They can get weak over time and make holding things in place hard.

    2) check the frog is square in the plane. THis can be more of an issue with pre-model 9 (1902) frog systems.

    3) lap the frog bearing surface flat. Paul and others have extensive tutorials on how to do this, but it’s basically rubbing it on sandpaper on a flat surface. A rounded bearing surface can also cause a pivot point don’t bother polishing it. A little friction is good.

    4) lastly, check the lever cap sits well on the chip breaker iron.

    Do the easier Things first. The first thing you try may fix it.

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    Harvey Kimsey


    First, tighten the lever cap a bit at a time until you feel resistance when you move the lateral adjuster.

    Manuel Aragon


    Thanks fellas. I will start with the easiest first, tightening the screw, and then go from there. I will post what worked and what didn’t and try to post some before and after pics.

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