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    Justin Masone

    Hi all,

    I’m sure at least a few of you might find this helpful.

    I recently developed (although I’m sure someone, somewhere has already done this) a simple planing stop for my workbench. It involves two threaded inserts and two thumb screws I picked up from HD, and a small 1/2 in scrap of oak (it was closest to hand).

    Here are links to the hardware if anyone is interested. I’m sure you can also source them from the amazon jungle.



    The washers were just random ones I had lying around that seem to work for now.

    Since it is at the end of the workbench, I actually leave it in the up position most of the time. It also works great when chopping out the waste when making tails/pins, or created the “step down” when working on a dado.


    Stefano Passiglia

    I did the same 😀

    Ronald Kowalewski

    How are those working for y’all. Ive broken two of those aluminium ones Paul use so far..

    Protect the line.

    Justin Masone

    It stays in the up position 99% of the time. I did have to go back and “re-engineer” slightly, and that was to get larger (and longer) insert nuts—going into the end grain of 2×4 pine proved to be too weak for some of the heavier planing. I also epoxied the threads.


    Tom Davies

    When I made my bench last year I did the exact same thing. Works well, all it lacks are some ‘teeth’ in the stop that grab the wood being planed. I’ve not found this to be a problem though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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