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    Greg Merritt

    David…those look much better and I bet they are much more comfortable. Well done!

    David Gill

    Hi Jon
    That is a nice box , I still have mine in the Aldi packing as I can get that in my tool box if I make a box for them it will not fit into my tool box But I still might, could be an opportunity to practice half lap dovetails.
    Although they are comfortable to use I think the look a bit long and slender,The handles on the Ashley Iles chisels are 3 1/2″ long as against the Aldi at 5 1/4″ so I think if I do shorten them I will take off about 1″
    While I had the Ashley Iles chisels out I checked the flatness of the backs they were very flat for the full length of the blade a .003″ feeler would not go in anywhere along the length of the blade, but at over £100 for 6 you would perhaps expect that.

    Wigan, Lancs. England :


    Glad you like the box – very odd that the photo appeared upside down. Just as well the box is well made so they don’t fall out 😉

    I’ll be interested to see what your chisels are like if you remove that 1″ of handle. I have been toying with slightly rounding the tops of mine over (just a tad) as I would have found that useful when I was cutting the dovetails on my box when I was angling the chisel over to cut the waste away from the pins. Any way you look at it though these are a bargain.

    Keep Calm and have a Cup of Tea

    David Gill

    I have now as far as I am concerned finished working on the Aldi chisels I thought the handles looked too long and slender so I shortened them by 1″ gave them a few coats of hard wood furniture oil and a couple of coats of wax.
    I think they look better it is all a matter of personal choice

    Wigan, Lancs. England :

    George Bridgeman

    Fantastic job, David. How do they feel in use? I’ve not even got mine out of the pack yet!


    "To know and not do is to not know"


    Great job David, they look so much nicer now. 😉

    David Gill

    Thanks Guys
    George they feel fine the handles are still a bit longer than my other chisels.

    Wigan, Lancs. England :


    I just bought my set yesterday (here in Portugal).
    It cost 7,99 €
    I use them today and love it!

    Enjoy the learning path...!!


    I would love to get a set of the Aldi’s chisels, but they don’t sell them here in the colonies.

    My wife called their corporate office and the person she spoke to said they sold them once upon a time and don’t know when they will sell them again.

    Paul should pack some up when he heads over here again. Or someone should send me a couple of sets and I will, of course, pay them back.


    I’m bumping this thread of messages back to the top with an important announcement:
    In the US, ALDI chisels will be in stock June 3rd.
    So, get them while you can!

    Near Chicago, USA


    Good news.

    But with Aldi’s, it’s usually hit or miss which store will have them.


    Thank you for the “heads up”.
    I’ve been curious about the Aldi chisels being lauded here as they haven’t been available till now in the US. So, I left work yesterday and drove over to pick up two sets. The cost worked out to $1.87 per chisel with tax! You can’t even buy a Star****ks Venti for that.
    I only worked on the 1 inch chisel and in less than three minutes had the back flattened and polished and the bevel sharp. The handles are nicer and more balanced than I expected from the photos here.
    If you’re just starting out, these are an exceptional value that will serve well.
    Best Craig

    SW Pennsylvania


    I’m heading over to my local Aldi’s right now. I’ll report back on any success (or lack of same).

    I got two sets. The last 2 sets they had out. Nobody to ask if they had more in the back.
    (Del Ray Florida).


    I picked up a set of these ALDI chisels this evening. A couple of sets are still at the local store, so they should be common enough in case anyone wants to check out the store near them.

    The length of the blade and handle are both longer than you’d see in a regular chisel at a big box store. Kind of like the Narex chisels that Lee Valley has.

    They look like they’d take a bit of polishing to make them pretty, but good value at the price.

    Near Chicago, USA


    After much anticipation and petitioning Aldi to include these chisels for U.S. sales the chisels have arrived. I picked up my set today and hope to have them in top working order soon. Thanks Paul for the heads up and Aldi for bringing them to sell here in the U.S. After reading all the threads I may be shaving a bit of the ends of the handles and refinishing to suit my needs. You blokes across the pond are brilliant! Cheers for sharing…

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