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problem with top trim

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    the top trim when I glued it on would not budge, this means in places it’s 32 of an inch too high, I can live with it but can’t help thinking this will cause problems when fitting the lid, the glue just froze on me, probably due to the weather being so hot. I am quite annoyed with myself because it’s been so much work just to get it to this stage lol

    do you think I should plane the top of the chest to the new slightly less than 1/4″ height or just leave it alone? has anyone else had a similar problem when they made the joiners toolbox?



    Joe Steck

    I completed this project at the beginning of the year and had a similar concern. I took my square and at each corner marked 3/16″ up from the top of the trim – I then planed the top of the carcase until I hit these new marks. I made no alterations to the specs for the lid, and fit it accordingly. I have had no issues.



    that’s good to know joe, when I get to the lid stage I’ll try that, sounds like a good idea, there’s plenty more to do before I get to that stage yet, thanks for the answer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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