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    Anthony Rich

    Has anyone come across wood where the fibers tear out of the end of the board, when your trying to chisel, for ex: a Dovetail ? Is it the wood itself, or are the chisels not sharp enough? Too hard of a blow with the hammer ?
    Thank You

    David B

    Probably the latter 2. Each kind of wood is different so could be a factor but you’re probably hitting your chisels too hard and they probably aren’t sharp enough.


    I would have to agree with David B. I think first of all, your chisel is not sharp enough. I know that Paul encourages us to sharpen our tools regularily. However, I think a bigger problem is that you are hitting the wood to hard. I work with a lot of pine myself and ws having the same problem. I have learned that it requires a little more finesse. So my suggestion would be to lighten up on your blows and it will probably fix your problem.

    Larry Geib

    What angle are your chisels ground to? I’ve found that softwoods profit from a lower angle grind than the standard 30° from the factory. 23-25° Isn’t too fine. And pine needs an especially sharp edge to cut well.
    I treat the lower angle chisels more like paring tools than pig stickers.

    Paul is a bit more circumspect, he says that in his shop he sharpens everything to 30°’ then allows that he sharpens to task, and that softwoods sometimes get a lower angle.

    So try them both and see what suits. You are only risking a little steel.
    But if you use a lower angle, take finer cuts. You don’t have as much steel to horse around.

    Anthony Rich

    Thank You
    It didn’t occur to me to even check the Bailey Chisels I bought, I just started using them,
    I will check the angle, and sharpen again,
    Layout has been interesting, trying to find what works for me, finding making them to small I cant get the chisels in there, This one came out pretty good, took a long time though

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