quick question–where does one get the rubber sole for the cane?

Welcome! Forums Project Series Walking Cane quick question–where does one get the rubber sole for the cane?

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    David B

    Or are there any recommended items to use for the bottom of the cane so that it 1) doesn’t slip, 2) doesn’t wear out, 3) doesn’t chatter?


    Richard Senior

    They are widely available. It’s a matter of knowing what to search for I think. In the UK search for walking stick ferrules. In the US try walking cane tips.


    Pharmacies, or home centres / hardware stores sold as hardwood floor Protectors in to fit different diameters of chair legs.

    Ontario, Canada

    David B

    Thanks fellas! Brianj–that sounds like a great idea as an alternative (and a cheap one at that).


    In Australia, pharmacys carry them, Clark Rubber stores also. I use medial tape in the bottom of the canes to snug fit, if the rubbers are a bit larger than the ends of canes. Cheers Peter



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    Matt McGrane

    I got mine at a CVS pharmacy. They come in different diameters, so get one that fits your cane just a bit tight.

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    They’ve got the best selection in North America. Lee Valley has some and I think they used to have more because of all the references in the stick making books. But Treeline has them beat. They have a wider selection of sizes of rubber slip-on tips, which means you can probably find a tip to fit your stick rather than shape the stick to fit a limited number of tip sizes Treeline also has two styles of rubber tips, regular and longer. I’m going to try the longer one to see if my grandfather’s cane is useful to me. He was shorter, by far. The cane wood tip is also only 1/2 inch in diameter, and don’t they also stock that size also?

    They both also have convertible tips in which a rubber tip covers a steel spike. Treeline again wins this ne, because they have a tip assembly in which the rubber cap simply screws off and on over the steel pike. Lee Valley’s convertible tip appears to have you partially taking apart the assembly to switch back and forth. Awkward.

    I’m familiar with this because I have used a commercial hiking staff that converts from rubber to steel spike (street to mountain trail) by simply unscrewing the rubber part.

    If you are not in the US, please ask, because I have at least one (old) British stick making book that lists supply sources in the UK. I’ll subscribe to this thread. You might check your libraries for stick making books with lists of suppliers.

    George Scales

    I get a four pack at Lowe’s. I use the rubber ones so they don’t slip of slick surfaces. Crutch tips or cair tips……both come in rubber.

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