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    I’m doing a little trim work in the kitchen and need to cut a rabbet across the narrow end of a piece that is 3″ x 60″. Sawing this rabbet is just like sawing a tenon cheek, but since the piece is so long, it cannot be clamped vertically in the vice. I ended up clamping it in the vice with one end of the 60″ piece on the floor and the other in the vice, meaning that it was in there at an angle- more of an angle than I’d have liked to do the corner to shoulder cut. From there, I just did some squatting and other monkey business and the “horizontal” cut was done at whatever angle I had to be in.

    I can’t really say this didn’t work, it just made me cut from positions I hadn’t cut in before. Is there a better way to do this?

    By the way, at first I tried doing this like a housing dado at the end of the board with knife wall and chisel. That avoids the vise problem, but this oak trim is like rock and sawing it directly was so much faster.

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