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    Matt Sims


    Regarding the Shoe Tidy project, I’m ready to go with this, but have become very confused by some changes, which I hope Paul, or someone else, can answer….

    Having cut all my wood for this I’m just about to start making it so I’ve revisited the videos… Only to find that in the past few days, (27 Aug 2020), the drawing has been updated to give a smaller groove, (7/16″ instead of 1/2″) in the front legs for the tambour to run in…

    Why is that? I’m guessing it’s because it gives a better fit for the tambour? However, it seems to me that as a result of this change the mortice and tenons now need to be thinner at 7/16″ as well. Is that right or have I completely misunderstood something?

    Also, half way through episode 4, when adding the bottom rail to the tambour, Paul switched to a 9/16″ thick cutter for the groove in that rail, and therefore makes a 9/16″ tenon on the end of the piece which fits into the previously cut 1/2″ groove in the side, (which you’re now saying should be 7/16″)?? I’m really confused as to what’s going on there, can you please explain what’s happened… Otherwise I have all my wood prepared and can’t start the project!!

    And finally, just to confirm that the tambour strips have the wider dimension, (9/16″) as the front/back of the tambour… the 13/16″ dimension is the thickness of the tambour when complete, (plus the cloth!) Is that correct?

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