Red oak clock

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    One of my first wood working project, I am just starting out, I chose the clock project. I had a raw red oak plank, so I decided to mill all my lumber by hand with hand planes, so this was a lot of work, but very rewarding.

    Two questions:
    – In the included photo, you can see that the top right of the panel the wood is darker. Anything I can do about that? Will the finish help or it won’t?
    – I really like the finish of Danish Oil. Do you think it would work on red oak? Also nothing is glued now, should I apply the finish before gluing it?


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    Dave Riendeau


    Very nice job on the clock. To answer your questions re color and glue up. Glue up before applying the finish on the clock. There are times where you could finish pieces of a project before final assembly but this would be done on fairly complicated or hard to get at areas. As a general rule, finishes interfere with glue bonding the wood.

    As far as the differences in the color of the wood, there’s not much you can do about that without getting into toners, dyes, stains etc. What you can do before starting a project is carefully examine your stock, identify any knots, coloration, interesting grain etc and plan your project around these either to use it as an enhancement or hide them depending on your personal choice. Congrats on your first project and well done!





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