Refiling a saw ripcut

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    Brian Eaton

    I remember watching a video of Paul’s on YouTube – before I joined woodworking masterclasses, where he talked about taking a new Spear and Jackson saw (the ones you can find on amazon uk for around $25) and refiling it from its hybrid tooth pattern to a ripcut pattern.

    I’ve looked on YouTube and here on the woodworking masterclass site and can’t seem to find the video. Any suggestions on where I can find it, or has it been removed?

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    Dionysios P


    The video is still on youtube. The title is ”Handsaw comparisons” where Paul compares the S&J 7tpi saw with a Lie Nielsen saw and he converts the S&J saw to a rip cut.

    here is the link:

    I have done the same with my S&J 24 inch 7tpi saw and it worked well (even without changing the tooth rake to get a more aggressive cut). For thicker pieces of wood a more aggressive rake will make quite a difference though.

    Brian Eaton


    Thank you!

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