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Removing wax from wood before gluing

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    I have a 2 inch tenon that I cut a bit too thin (eg 1/8 less than 2 inches) and I want to repair it. I was thinking of gluing a 1/8″ piece of wood to it but the mortise and tenon are covered in candle wax. I suspect the candle wax is bad for glue adhesion. I was thinking of trying to remove the wax before gluing but I’m not sure how that will work. Some sites say to use mineral spirits but my cedar is quite porous and rough and I don’t see how that would work. I have a can of “Dupli-Color wax and grease remover” which is designed for cars. Would that be good for wood too?

    Any advice for what I should do? Thanks for any tips.


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    I would think that if you need to remove wax to add a patch you could remove it better with a router plane and or a chisel. Over sized mortice could be repaired with the tenon patch. That would be a positive removal form



    Thanks Dean. Your comment made me think it might be better for strength to patch the mortise vs the tenon. The mortise sides are 2 and 4 inches thick….lots of wood to spare.

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