Resawing by Hand

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    Just made four three foot long cuts through 4 1/2″ thick laminated oak. Took me a good 4-5 hours and many biscuits even with a freshly sharpened 7TPI saw.

    Really puts into perspective how hard the workmen of old worked. Pity theres no handheld electric machine that can easily make cuts like this. A jigsaw would really struggle I think.

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    Peter George

    That’s where the band saw can be useful for the donkey work. It’s the power tool that sees the most use since I’ve moved to mostly hand tools.

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    At times I had to resaw by hand when the board is too wide for my bandsaw. I made an interesting discovery, the handsaw that I bought as designed for a rip cut was actually designed for cross cutting. I never filed a saw before but I did recut the teeth on my saw and there was a big improvement. (My eyesight is not great.)


    Just going from a 7TPI to a 4.5-5TPI saw made a huge difference for me when I resawed some 40″ long 2×4 boards down to 1x4s.

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    Thomas Angle

    I agree with the ehisey. On wood that hard the bigger teeth really makes a difference.

    Arbovale, WV

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