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    Brent Millare

    I just received the email about releasing the sawhorse project for free.

    Paul shows how to make a pair of sawhorses using the method he first learnt when he was 16. They are very useful around the shop for resawing stock and a many others uses. The sawhorses makes use of a compound housing joint that ensure a solid construction.

    In the message, there is a claim that saw horses can be used for resawing. How would one do this? Or is it not claiming its a sufficient setup but instead is an aid?

    I recently tried to resaw a 3.5×35 inch board in half to get two thin pieces with just a handsaw and a chair. It was difficult as I relied on my feet and free hand to secure the piece. I’d like to make the process easier and am wondering if saw horses can help me. Its not immediately apparent how you could saw vertical pieces using the saw horse.

    Harvey Kimsey

    I recently made a pair of Paul’s sawhorses and purposely cut down the legs so the overall height was 19-20″ so that I could put my knee on a long board for ripping or cross-cutting. I suppose you could resaw a board in half if you could securely clamp it to the sawhorses on edge. I highly recommend the sawhorses as a project! The way Paul lays out the compound cut for the legs is just really intuitive and straight forward.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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