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    Lee Marrett

    Hey all,

    I’ve been asked to make a workbench for our boy’s nursery! My thoughts went instantly to Paul’s amazing workbench (which I had lined up as my next project before this request came along) but obviously there needs to be some measurement changes.

    There’s really no brief, only to have a workbench for the kids, aged 3-4, to do woodworking on.

    My initial thoughts were just to keep the same dimensions and just have shorter legs — the dimensions of the benchtop seem to be OK otherwise.

    Any thoughts? Would this work or should I have a smaller bench top to compensate?

    Thanks 🙂

    Auckland, New Zealand


    Lee, they are building a kids workbench here. It might help with the sizes

    How To Build a Kid’s Workbench


    Lee, the great thing with just making the legs shorter would be as you kids grow you just need to make new legs but keep the top and aprons intact. Just as long as you just use screws to attach the legs to the aprons, bench top and tool tray.

    Dallas, Texas

    Lee Marrett

    Cheers guys, both very helpful.

    The workbench is for the nursery rather than for my boy so the kids using it will always be from 3-4.

    Auckland, New Zealand


    I agree about making it shorter and use lag screws or bolts for the legs and making them taller if need be. I haven’t finished my bench yet just got the well board glued up and hopefully in a couple weeks can finely start putting it together.

    I think this a great bench for all ages, let us know what you decide.


    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US


    What about making the nursery workbench from 1×2’s instead of 2×4’s and scaling everything in half?

    Robin ... Richmond, Virginia, USA

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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