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    Hello all forum members ,I have started to search for very old or decent handtools at flea markets. and im giving them back a scend life(taking off rust,reshaping ,resharpening Etc. etc.)i do everything to get those tools back in shape. then i resell them (trying to)
    but People doesnt seem to be interested at all. i ask only 10 to 20 euros more (for few hour work with single tool ) than you can find same tools but rusted and damaged in internet so i dont really understand why in 3 months i have received only 1 email but he didnt baought the tool.
    Maybe theres something wrong with pictures or prices.
    you could check it out here!-

    I am asking for your opinion.

    Matt McGrane

    I don’t know, Reinis. Maybe Etsy isn’t the right place to try to sell these things. Although I have bought a couple nice tools on Etsy. It seems to me that your prices are reasonable, especially considering that the buyer won’t have to do any further cleaning or fixing. Good luck.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:


    Etsy is an awful selling place these days. My SO will have costuming and performance gear for Burlesque on the site for months or even a year an nothing, then a random post of items to Facebook and she drops a 1/3 her inventory in a week like folks just suddenly discovered the store site.

    While you have a lot of Draw knifes, they are not a very sought item these days. Planes of all types, brace and bits, backsaws (panel and hand seem to be a pennies market), chisels seem to be the really sell able items.

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    Thank You for advices! Etsy is my only option right now as young woodworker with wery limited budget.
    As i do not own any visa card i cannot sell on Ebay .
    Funny thing here in Austria is that I in my 21 yrs ,im the only one known still working and collecting handtools.So nobody really uses handtools here. But inspired from Paul Sellers George Nakashima i really got into treditional woodworking and handtools.
    The idea of making extra income with reselling restored tools hasnt faded yet . but Austria is not the place i have to search for custumers.

    David R.

    Don’t think you need a credit card for ebay. Have you considered paypal? Ebay is definitely much more likely to find you buyers.

    Regards and good luck.


    from Germany


    Thats The problem David i have paypal but Ebay requires double safety so debit card should be registered to.
    I think I have to make a prepaid card.
    Anyway Thank You for helping!


    I agree that drawknives may have low demand compared to planes. A couple other things, from a woodworkers point of view: I’d like to see the dimensions listed. The photos are beautiful and are good ones to be the primary images, but I’d like some “clinical” photos….one that shows the shape of the blade (flat or curved and by how much?). I’d like to see closeups of the blade, ones that are good enough to see if there is pitting on the blade and whether someone has rounded over the edge making it look shiny. I’m not saying you have! Your restoration work is probably excellent, but the general buyer isn’t going to know and wants to see a photo that lets him or her know this is a useable tool, not just a pretty tool.


    Good point Ed i Will edit photos as soon as possible,really didnt tought of that ,Thank You!

    Raff Uy

    @ stripnieks,

    Are you still selling restored tools? send me email [email protected]


    I personally think that restoring old tools is all part of the fun of wood working with old tools. I have never purchased a recently restored tool but then I am really cheep.

    Wheelchair woodworker from Lincolnshire UK

    Dave Ring

    I notice that,in addition to restored tools, that you are also selling some very nicely engraved items. I assume that the engraving was done either by you or by the lovely lady in your avatar. Anyway, an American lady who posts under the name “Cloudy” on some of the woodworking forums, specializes in custom engraving on woodworking tools, planes in particular. While there isn’t a huge market for this sort of thing it does exist. It might be worth considering.



    I know I’m late to the party here but I would suggest against ebay. I tried that once and they apply fees to your sale three different ways and it really cuts I to profit.

    By the way I saved your shop. I shop around on Etsy quote a bit. I’ll keep an eye out for anything I might like to purchase. 😉

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