Sawhorse Load Limit

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    Hi all,

    I have embarked upon my long anticipated massive Roubo workbench build. I am currently milling and glueing up the 4″ thick ash tops with the assistance of a pair of Paul’s wonderful sawhorses which I built specifically for this project. What a great learning opportunity to say nothing of a now owning couple of righteous sawhorses made only with hand tools that will last my lifetime and beyond.

    Here’s my question: what load will these two sawhorses take? Towards the end of the bench build, I would like to put the completed tops on the horses upside down, then put the base on top to mark out the mortise locations for the tenoned legs.I do not know the exact weight of the whole bench, but estimate it will be in the 400-500 lb range when I carry out this step.



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