Saws – How Straight is Straight?

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    Hi all

    I received a new (old) saw in the post today. An old Spear and Jackson panel saw with 12TPI. Unfortunately it arrived with a a bent plate, something which the eBay seller did not mention. I managed to get 95% of the bend out just by bending it hard against the corner of my workbench. Now if I sight down the top edge and also the edge with the teeth, the top looks fairly straight and on the toothline, there is a section of about 7 teeth that bulge out ever so slightly to one side, no more than a millimetre or two. Would this be straight enough to sharpen and use or is there still more work to be done to get it completely straight?

    Whilst on that note, are there any other better ways to remove bends from saw plates apart from this method?


    David Perrott

    I’m not sure about removing the bend. That seems more for a professional saw smith. Not sure if the saw is sharp enough to use but its use is the determining factory. I have some that have slight bends and they work fine.


    I have a couple with gentle bends and they are fine, you can hammer them straight but it takes patience and skill. I would sharpen it up and give it a ago. I have been caught out with Ebay sellers not giving good descriptions before so when buying saws I always message them to ask if the tooth line is straight.


    Marc D

    Having faced the exact same issue recently, I searched online to learn that some people pour very hot/boiling water on the saw plate and immediately bend it in the opposite direction to the bend or kink (wearing insulated gloves of course). Boiling water seems to be hot enough to straighten the saw without annealing the metal. I also found someone who uses a plain old hammer and an anvil (Matt Cianci). Haven’t tried either method myself. The saw cuts fine regardless.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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