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    My wife, bless her, picked up three hand saws for under 20 quid in a local charity shop this morning. One is a very basic 18″ 7ppi with no markings and needing some new rivets but the other two are a nice find. One is a 22″ 9ppi Marmion made in the USA with a lovely image of bust in armour and the other is a lovely 26″ 5ppi Wheatman and Smith Russel Works, which tinternet hints it might be from the mid 1800’s.

    Anyone know anything about Marmion saws and can highlight some history. Also of the Wheatman and Smith?

    Marc D
    Larry Geib

    I’ve only seen the Marmion saw mentioned a couple times. Speculation was that it was a post WWI hardware store brand produced by either Atkins or Disston. The Disstonian institute mentions a blank medallion with two stars as being a common Disston secondary saw nut in that era.

    But I have 1960’s Belnap Bluegrass with a very similar nut, so Disston might have sold nuts separately.

    And your saw is strikingly similar in blade and handle shape and carving to a Simonds saw I picked up which was made in 1922, just Before they stopped making handsaws after a labor dispute. Simonds saws I’ve seen had deep etches, so if it was made by them, that would be another clue.

    To see how similar your saw is, go here:

    Simonds saws

    See if you don’t think it came from the same litter as a Simonds skew back model 10 1/2 at the bottom of the page.

    Simonds only produced handsaws for about 25 years but had a reputation as the among very best. Unlike the other sawmakers, they are still in business producing industrial saw blades for the timber industry.

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    Thanks Marc, an interesting read.


    Thanks Larry. I can see the similarity with the Simonds saw. I’ll take a closer look.

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