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    I have been looking at the anarchist tool chest by christopher schwarz and comparing. His is 3’x2’x2′ compared to Pauls which looks to be about 3’x1’x1′. Chris recommends 7/8″ or 1″ thick stock i believe compared to Pauls 9/16″. Is this a function of the use (paul’s appear to be more mobile) or is Chris’s just overbuilt? If I scale it up to the anarchist tool chest size can I still use 9/16″ or should I bump it up?



    It seems unlikely that 7/8″ thick stock is overbuilding a tool chest. After all, it’s meant for a rugged life. And I think Paul is recommending 3/4″ stock:

    So the difference is really only an 1/8″ of an inch. Seems more like a difference of opinion as opposed to “one is right and the other is wrong”. Furthermore, Chris is advocating for Eastern white pine, a softwood, in the Anarchist Tool Chest, whereas Paul is working in mahogany, a hardwood. So again, given the extra strength of the wood Paul is using, the 1/8″ difference seems entirely understandable.


    @etmo- I think you have the wrong project in mind. Paul builds the joiner chest ( which is what Troy is really asking about) out of a UK pine.

    Paul does build the chest at 9/16 (1/2 to 5/8 in variation) and as I am in the process of building it I have to say it is really sturdy. Do to the extra height in Chris’s chest, if you want to use 9/16th, I would just add a second banding at around 14″ (His chest is 27″) from the base. That keeps the weight down but should maintain the strength.

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    i’ve built the joiner’s toolchest with european pine and around 15mm thick stock(around 9/16) and it’s a rock. In my opinion is a mobile chest, I mean it is transportable to the worksite, i can move it around myself with no trouble although it’s heavy. I really don’t think a double sized chest in thicker stock could be moved around even in pine.

    Now just my humble opinion, almost everything Chris Schwartz does is a little bullshitty, I mean it’s very well explained and written but most of the time of no consecuence for the real handtool woodworker. I mean try to move a 24″deep tool chest made of hardwood by yourself… come on, the whole essence of a tool chest is to be moveable.

    anyway my opinion as it’s commonly said on the internet YMMV

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