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    Colin Scowen

    I recently found a nice plan for some folding chairs, that came with the grid work layout for the curved parts, some rather dubious dimensioning, and the information that for the full size parts, the grid squares should be one inch on a side.
    After having drawn an inch square grid on some plywood, and having found that the resolution I had printed the plans at meant that I had 12mm sides, I then spent rather a long time measuring in mm, ratio-ing up to inch and marking on the grid.
    I thought that there had to be better ways of doing this.
    My particular solution was to make a set of proportional dividers out of paper, set to 12mm on one end and 1 inch on the other. Set the mm end based on the drawing, mark the inch end on to the template. Much quicker.

    I am curious if anyone has any other methods they use for transferring and scaling at the same time?


    I just scale up the image to the right size (1:1) (this sometimes needs some trial and error) and then print as a poster tiled on letter size paper (or, say, A4). I use a program called “poster” to do the scaling and tiling, but I think Acrobat reader can do this if the input is in (or converted to) pdf.


    Eric Smith

    There’s also Big Print from Matthias Wandel https://woodgears.ca/bigprint/. He has a great video showing how he went from a photo to a full-sized printout to make a transom light template. His other videos are worth watching, too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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