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    Richard Guggemos


    Thanks for your input. I meant to get clog pictures for you, but got started fixing prior to setting up the shot (that is planing some more boards.

    Rick G

    Richard Guggemos


    All good thoughts and most were incorporated into my fix.

    Thanks for the ideas. I plan to convert one plane to a rougher soon.

    Rick G.

    Richard Guggemos


    Ding ding ding, we have a winner. At least for part of the solution.

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Also I envy the state of polish on your cap iron. Looks like I need to invest in some more polishing equipment.

    There wasn’t time to experiment, one variable each go round. So I flattened the sole more (the pitting by the mouth bothered me as it wasn’t clear that it was flat with the surrounding area). The cap iron and lever irons got some more overall cleanup. The front side of the cap iron hump got polished, and the cutting iron was ground back then sharpened to 8000 grit. All of this allowed me to use less aggressive blade extension.

    What a change in practice! In straight grain it’s like power glide, you have to hold it back. And the shavings are curling nicely, even on the external face of the weathered cedar. All is back in balance in my basement.

    Thanks to all.


    Good work! From the photos, it looks like it takes one full bottle of Coke to fettle a plane.

    Richard Guggemos

    1 bottle is correct!

    David B

    I sharpened up my Record #5 last night and took a few extra minutes to polish the shit (pardon me) out of the chip breaker. The plane is essentially brand new out of the box but the chip breaker originally had a matte finish (but now it is more of a mirror like shine). Wow–I had no idea. Guess I’ll have to spend some time on my other planes!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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