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    I just finished my longer version of this stool. It’s a great project and I will probably build a couple more for friends and family.

    One thing that was pointed out to me after I shared some of my pictures, was that a large overhang beyond the legs will make the bench unsafe due to tipping risk. I chose the offset of the legs based on what I thought would look appealing, but if you sit on the end beyond the leg support with no counterweight on the bench, it will flip.

    I intend to cut off much of the overhang on my bench to make it safer, thought it kills me to do it :-(. For my next build I have a dilemma – do I move the legs way out near the ends? Or do I tilt the legs outward. I would like to tilt them, but in that case I don’t know if the sliding dovetail would still be a good choice for the top joint because of the angles involved. I’d love to heard feedback.

    Take care,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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