Sharpening a fine tooth gents saw.

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    Steven Johnson

    I have a gents back saw with a 6 inch blade and 25 PPI that needs sharpening. I have watched your videos on saw sharpening but they mainly deal with larger PPi saws, How should it be sharpened – cross cut or rip pattern and should there be a set? Also any suggestion on sharpening such small teeth.

    Craig Medvecky

    I have the same question so I hope someone knows the answer!


    Hi Steven, Craig,

    Assuming you have sharpened a larger saw before, the process is pretty much the same.

    Firstly, just incase you have missed it, Paul does have a video on sharpening a gents saw:

    I seem to remember Paul recommending that finer saws should always just be a rip cut, as it makes less of a difference the finer you go. I agree entirely! I own a gents saw myself (8 or 9” I think) which is 25ppi too.

    Use a smaller file. I believe Paul has a list of recommended files and file sizes for different PPI. I think this is on his blog.

    In terms of set, you might find that it cuts perfectly fine without set. I use mine without set, and it cuts just fine, granted a little wax/rag-in-a-can oil on the saw helps a bit. If you find that your saw needs a little set, use Paul’s “hammer and punch” method. Search “setting saws with a hammer & punch” on youtube.

    Good luck! Don’t hesitate to ask If you need more help!

    Andrew Sinclair

    The files are half the battle. Vallorbe / Glardon needle files are the finest I’ve found, and make 16tpi teeth feel large. Whether they’re fine enough for 25tpi I don’t know. I’m pretty sure 20tpi is as fine as my eyes could go without magnification!

    Agree rip teeth all the way finer than 12tpi.

    Good luck, and do report back!

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