Sharpening pro, not really! Cautionary tale

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    Ronald Kowalewski

    I thought i had a pretty good handle on sharpening. I was getting my bur relatively easy, moving thru the grits etc.. And then my 4 1/2 stopped cutting, i checked everything, resharpened, started trying to get that last 100,000th of the sole flat, re adjusted, to no avail, the plane still wouldn’t cut..I pulled the iron out again and realized my bevel was at close to 45′ maybe more.. The back of the bevel was hitting before the leading edge.

    a lil time on the grindstone and i was back in business with a nice (approximately) 25′ bevel, honed sharper than ever before. The gossamer is flowing once again.

    Keep your desired angle my friends, and dont go for a cheap, fast bur obtained through too steep of an angle..

    Protect the line.

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    Harvey Kimsey


    This happens quite easily when you are sharpening freehand. You want a fresh edge so you can get on with your work, so you start honing at higher and higher bevel angles. I usually hone freehand but occasionally I put the blade into an inexpensive Eclipse honing guide and re-establish the proper bevel on my coarsest stone. After the first few strokes, you can tell right away how far away you are from the proper angle.

    Ronald Kowalewski


    im glad i figured it out! Early enough in my work that i hope to not let it happen again.

    Protect the line.

    Anthony Rich


    I just bought 3 eze lap diamond stones, holy moly, what a relief I finally have my chisels sharp,
    I was struggling with pushing through the wood instead of cutting it, couldnt understand it. I rounded the camber too much, had micro bevels on one or two chisels, and I used windshield washer fluid on my arkansas stones, I think the chemicals in there dissolved my soft stone, Spent a good hour fixing my chisels, ready to make stuff again. Good Feeling fixing your own mistakes.

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