Should I sell this 71 or keep it?


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    Joe Kaiser

    I was given this Stanley 71 nearly a year ago now. As far as I can tell, it is a type 5 and at least 115 years old. (It has the S mark on the casting dating it to before 1899)

    It has been a great tool, but the lack of a depth adjuster has bothered me for sometime now. It make is quite challenging to trim tenon cheeks, and really anything I need to make a micro-adjustment on.

    I am only thinking of selling it because EBay sent me a coupon and they will match the price of a single sale I make before October 21. Meaning if I sell this plane for $50, ebay will give me a $50 as well.

    So I guess my question is, if you were in this position, would you sell the item and use the money to get a new lie-nielson or veritas? Or would you just keep it? Being that this was a gift, I have some kind of emotional attachment to it, but not a lot. I would want to be able to get $70 dollars for it, so that I could get a new one.

    Sell, and get twice what it goes for? Or keep and deal without the depth adjuster?

    Seattle, WA

    Andrew Henderson

    That’s a beaut! Why sell it at all? I say buy the veritas and keep the other for sentiment.

    Joe Kaiser

    Well, because I don’t have the money to buy a new one unless I sell this

    Seattle, WA


    My opinion: Sell it and move on with your life.

    If it annoys you today, it will annoy you tomorrow. The sting from the price of a good tool will only hurt once.

    I have a 71-1/2 that can adjust up and down on a screw. It works fine for me. It doesn’t look like your style can do that for some reason. Maybe it is because it is an early design.

    So, look into a 71-1/2 or a router with the depth stop you want. If you have the cash, get the Veritas.

    Near Chicago, USA


    A concideration would be, A:Do you have the three blades. And B: do you think that you woulduse the other blades. Many people only use the one stanard flat blade. Just a thouhght. Cheers Peter


    I think you’ve already answered your own question here:
    You’re not comfortable working with this tool and are finding it limits what you can do.
    There’s probably someone out there that’d love to own this so I’d sell it and use the ebay offer to maximise what you can make.
    Even if you cant afford a new replacement straight away you can still keep going with a poor man’s version and you’ll be no worse off.

    Keep Calm and have a Cup of Tea


    Hmm..I like old tools.

    For micro-adjusting, you could simply place a business card or some other thin shim under the plane base when you set your depth, then remove the card before routing.

    -Scott Los Angeles


    My opinion, for what it is worth, is NEVER sell or dispose of a tool. Opinions are worth only what you pay for them, so, look to your own heart.

    I see by the date your time limit expired (it is now October 24) I will you luck and good wood working either with the old 71 or a new one.

    I trust you will make something using either tool.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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