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    Antoni B.

    Has anybody tried these small mini planes, that pop up here and there with different brands (Silberline, Windsor, Wade, BusyBee…)?

    I’am asking, because I need a small scraper plane to precisely level hard-accesible, small veenered areas (one handed operation required). And I don’t want to buy any chunk of junk, even it’s dirt cheap.

    Btw I wonder what you can do with such a bullnose plane with bevel up arrangement 🙂

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    That Scraper Plane looks similar to the Stanley 75.
    Some say the Stanley 75 is worth having and use it happily. On the other hand, Paul says the Stanley 75 isn’t worth using for landfill and should never have passed the design stage.
    I think its personal preference, and your own particular application. If the area you’re scraping is quite inaccessible, it’s got to be worth GBP £5 (including delivery) to find out.

    Could you use a small Router (Record 722) for the same task?
    Or make your own ‘Poor Man’s Router/Scraper’ the size you need?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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