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    Has anyone tried Paul’s convex bevel on a turning skew? What was your experience if so?

    My turning instructor taught us to use a flat bevel, never hollow ground, and explained that this makes it easier to control the tool. I was wondering if anyone has tried Paul’s convex bevel, as it’s so much easier to hone. To be clear- I’m not talking about curved cutting edge (Lacer style) vs straight (traditional), but am just talking about the bevel.


    Peter George

    I’ve never tried it, but I don’t think it would work well. It seems to me there would be less control and it would tend to catch. Think of a poorly sharpened skew or gouge where you have multiple bevels.

    Actually hollow ground on a skew works fine as you ride the heel of the bevel into the cut.

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    @pjgeorge thanks for your thoughts. I actually went ahead and tried it and haven’t had any issues with it being more likely to catch. I need more time with it to decide whether it is indistinguishable from the flat bevel I used to use, whether it tends to come out of the cut more easily (the opposite of catching, I guess), or whether I just got lucky.

    Skews are awesome tools!

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