Sliding bevel gauge

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    Can anyone suggest a decent sliding bevel gauge? I’m frustrated with the ones I have. There are two critical criteria, 1) It mustn’t slip and 2) When fully extended, the blade and handle must remain flush regardless of how I rotate the blade. This lets me use a protractor accurately without there being an offset between the handle and blade. All of the gauges that I own have slop and, while you can monkey it out, that gets old when you’re trying to transfer a dimension.



    Not sure this satisfies your criterion (ii) — away from the shop right now to check — but I have been very happy with this one:,42936,50298,43508

    Its aluminum, but well made, locks tight and having the locking mechanism at the end is so much more convenient than traditional designs.



    Sven-Olof Jansson

    Having used with both those that are locked by a screw at the bottom of the stock and those tightened by a screw on one of the faces of the stock, I have settled for Veritas’ two models, with nothing but a favourable experience.


    Sven-Olof Jansson
    London, UK; Cambridge, MA


    Dave Ring

    My hands down favorite bevel gauge is the old Stanley No.18.

    These were made in several different sizes.

    Sears used to market a similar one under the Craftsman name but the Stanley ones are somewhat sturdier.




    Thanks for the info. I’ve ordered the Shinwa, which is similar to the Stanley 18, and we’ll see how it goes. Even just today I almost had a bad measurement of an inside angle from this issue.


    Matthew Newman

    I bought a newer one from a big box store and it was useless because the thumb nut made it nearly impossible to properly tighten. I replaced it with a wing nut which made it much better so that might be an option too if yours is like that.




    I really like the cam lock versions, like the wooden handle Veritas posted earlier. You can find old Hold Fast versions on eBay.

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