Source for new saw files in the US?

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    Has anybody heard of ICS Cutting Tools in the US? They are in Casco, Wisconsin and make saw sharpening files and more.

    Interesting. I wonder what the “Black Oxide Finish” option does for the file. Make the file harder? Show wear?

    I may contact them to find out.

    -Scott Los Angeles

    Chad Magiera

    I just send their customer service an email regarding where they manufacture and how long they’ve been manufacturing their. I’m going to contact Bad Axe Tool Works (Saw Maker) who is also located in Wisconsin to see if they have any experience with ICS Cutting Tools.

    I used to purchase quality Grobet Files from Tools For Woodworking but they seem to be out of stock, or Grobet no longer makes them.

    Chad Magiera

    Here is the reply I got from Mark, the Owner of the Bad Axe Tool Works. I was pretty impressed that the owner of the business returned my email within an hour and fifteen minutes. Wow.

    “Files—arrgh! You are correct in that they took a nose-dive in quality, once formerly reputable manufacturers began shipping them overseas to China. They just aren’t tempered/hardened correctly, and the teeth fall off before you make even one pass.

    There are two approaches here: locate vintage files on eBay. Look for new old stock with a tattered box, but the files are still in good shape. Stay away from the new glossy boxes.


    Google-search Snap-On Tools Bahco files. These are the only new files made today (in Portugal) for Bahco, a Swedish company. Snap-on tools has a strong business relationship with Bahco, and they are their main distributor here in the States.



    Mark D. Harrell, Owner
    Bad Axe Tool Works
    1500 Green Bay, Suite #508
    La Crosse, WI 54601 USA

    Derek Long

    Great job, Chad. Looks like Bahco is our last man standing.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Tony Corey

    So I did some poking around on the ICS Cutting Tools site.

    The black oxide coating makes the files rust resistant and more, here is a link that describes the coating:

    I am intrigued. I may break down and buy a box soon…then there are the rasps oh my!

    So much to learn, so little time!



    Just to keep all the notes in one place: Bahco is part of “Snap-On Industrial Brands” and I found their where-to-buy page:

    Here is one example, from that page, of an online dealer selling Bahco files:

    Meanwhile ICS cutting tools does look interesting.


    One outlet for Snap On industrial tools is Motion Industries. They’re available online but also have a many storefronts across the U.S. You can get the catalog online to see if they have what you’re looking for but I’d also check with the local store if there’s one nearby.

    My local store doesn’t inventory the Bahco files but they’re happy to order them for me.

    I had also gotten a couple through Amazon from a couple of UK vendors a while back.


    Lee Valley sells Bahco saw files. For the longest time they were out of stock, but it seems they are back to carrying them.,43072,43089&ap=1

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