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    Hi Paul and the rest of the group. I am hoping maybe Paul can do a short instructional video on the spokeshave. For some reason it is a tool that I am struggling with. I watched Paul use one at one of the woodworking shows and the finished edge he produced right from the shave was amazing (He passed it around to all of us). My struggles I guess start at sharpening the smaller blade right through setup and use. I now have a few of the vintage Stanley 151’s and could sure use the help. Thanks, John


    The spokeshave is a wonderful tool and when you master it, it will become one of your favourites I am sure.

    The spokeshave blade is one that I sharpen freehand. I like to turn it perpendicular to my other blades when I sharpen it as it is easier to hold it this way, i.e. with the bevel parallel to the long edge of the waterstone.

    Have you seen the Lie Nielsen video on youtube about spokeshave sharpening?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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