Stanley 78 rabbet / rebate


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    @lorenzojose I made my edge float exactly as you described from some soft O1 tool steel. I have no idea why people harden these things. They are more like funny shaped saws, so you want to be able to file them. I just need to make a side float.

    I’m thrilled that you mentioned the blunt chisels because I learned about them a few months ago and was going to try them for making planes. They were described as being good to level and tune the bed. I have some junky firmer chisels that I was going to turn into blunt chisels.

    I think I’ll stay with conventional H&Rs. I learned from Tod Herli and was going to just carry on with that method. Procrastination has kept it from happening.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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