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    Take Care guys I’m out of here. I have just cancelled my  account on here, there are a few reasons, one of them is I’m so tired of talking to my self on here its unreal. Enjoy your projects I will find my own way I’m sure.

    Good Luck

    Ken 😉

    Joseph Sellers

    Hi @ken,

    Thank you for your participation. I have really appreciated you being on here. I am of course sorry to see you go but I really hope that you continue to find ways of working with wood.

    Keep well,

    Joseph Sellers

    Steve Follis

    Hey Ken

    Hate to see you leave, my friend.

    I don’t live in this forum, I work full time at a Steel Mill, and am a part time, semi-professional, woodworker, when the weather cooperates.  However, I have found this forum to be an pleasant escape from the monotanous routine that I have allowed to consume my life.  We should all strive to pursue our passions, and we should teach others to do as well.

    I have found common ground in this forum with my brothers out there around the world, with that common passion, and it is great.  I love it!!  I can’t get enough of it!!  And I feel that we have a great teacher in Paul, not only with him sharing his skills, but sharing is insights on life.  Working wood in this manner feeds your soul, and Paul understands that, and I belive more than anything else, that is the message he is trying to get across to us.

    I have appreciated meeting you here Ken, and feel as if I have found a friend out there with the same passions.  Along with all the other guys here, whether you regularly post messages or just read them, it is great being here with you.  I love sharing and seeing pictures of our work, and sketches of our dreams.  We really need to keep feeding this passion and find ways to carry the message to others out there.

    Be well my friend

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Hey Ken,

    this is very sad news. You are the good soul of this community here. I wish you all the best and hope to see you back soon!. I very much agree with what Stephen said.


    I enjoy working wood in Germany.

    Greg Merritt

    Hate to see you go Ken…my thoughts mirror those of Stephen.  Good luck in your future endeavors!



    Hello Ken , sorry you feel this way buddy.

    This is the first forum i ever used and i think it is a nice place to share ideas and problems with other members.

    I think we where amongst the first members of this course and i will certainly miss all the comments and links you have always posted.

    Hope you keep on enjoying woodworking.



    Lopik - Netherlands

    John Poutier


    I want to echo what the other fellows have said.  You have been a huge part of this effort and I certainly will miss your inputs.  I want you to know that even if I haven’t always responded to many of the posts, I’ve learned a great deal from you and others. I’m just not as far along and have not had as much time to participate as some of the other guys.  I wish you the very best and would hope to see you back again.


    Yorktown, Virginia



    I thought you were the “anchor” here. I was expecting you to become the unofficial moderator because your participation was so frequent.

    This forum is in its infant stages, focussed on Paul’s school of training, but will hopefully grow in time. Right now there are some strong, burgeoning voices, with less of the trappings that make some other sites quite intimidating.

    We will miss you.



    -Scott Los Angeles


    Wow!  Dang!

    I just logged in and saw this.  I had to work.  That “job thing” is always getting in the way of everything I’d rather be doing.

    Sorry to see you go Ken.  I hope you change your mind and come back.

    Texas, USA


    Sad to see Ken leave but as most of have jobs we are not able to use this as an informal chat line but as a support mechanism as we embark on this masterclass journey. We are all at different levels or both skill and experience and this forum, as its built around the masterclass and not general woodworking, is for me an invaluable resource which from its embryonic stages will grow in importance.

    As I said its very sad to see Ken leave as he has been an very active and valuable member, maybe there are better forums that will give Ken what he is looking for from a woodworking community.

    You go with our best wished and thanks Ken.

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