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    David Gill

    Should I assume from lack of posts and photos that not many members have started to make the coffee table, personally I think it is a big jump up for most both in cost of materials and time from the projects to date. I think the small side table that Paul makes on his three day course would have been a better option for most. I attach a photo of the one I made on Paul’s course in Wales. Using same design I have made a further two table in Pine.Note cover on bench I have since got past worrying if I spill anything or mark the bench top.IT IS A WORK BENCH
    Although I have no intension to start the Coffee table any time soon I still eagerly await the release of the next video episode which I very much enjoy watching.
    I hope that Paul does slip in some small projects before his next major one

    Wigan, Lancs. England :


    David, some valid points, and I have to agree. I also have followed the coffee table build, I have really enjoyed watching them, and learnt a thing or two.

    Reference workbench top, yeah battle scars are ok, spills not for me I will keep mine covered for finishing.

    Your small table looks great, now I could use them. Good job

    Steve Follis

    I have a stack of reclaimed flooring that I am planning on using for the coffee table. I originally thought it was Oak, turns out it is Chestnut. All the boards are about 1-1/4″ thick and 5-1/2″ wide, random lengths. My plans are to make the coffee table, modify the dimensions for two end tables, and then make a taller table not so deep for the TV to sit on. Hoping to get started before the end of summer, after I finish a few other projects.

    Memphis, Tennessee

    Jim Burcicki

    Everyone is at different levels. This coffe table to me is not that far off from the shaker table in terms of technique (and cost) yet adds a bit more complexity as far as moving parts and seeing the shaping of the sides. I personally, eagerly and patiently await the rockng chair build which to me appears to be much more advanced. I felt the same way about the coffee table versus the shaker table but now I see it is not that much different and within the realm of my skill level. However, something with wood carving such as acanthus would be over my head yet I would definitely enjoy watchnig it and giving a try at it. The teacher knows best how to bring a student along.
    I built the candle box from the Woorkng Wood book and DVD’s. The dovetail boxes series opened up my mind a bit more with the sliding lid and inset lid. Now I tinker and play with the ideas such as how can I inset the lid yet have it hinged?. It seems like everything I look at I am applying those techiniques and my wife provides me with an endless “Honey Do” list to work on. LOL The point is that whether I build the coffee table or not, I think about how to apply what I am learning to other things within my realm such as seeing how Paul designed and created the sides and applying that thinking to designing and creating different sides to the shaker table.
    I eagerly await the rocking chair build. One of the first thinks I want to learn from it is how he creates the leather seats. I will attempt to build the chair and make a pair for my wife and myself, yet, even of I don’t I have a much more practical application for doing the upholstering on other things I am working on.
    So for me, the teacher knows best. It is up to me to apply what I have learned and when I do I will gain a whole new level of understanding which can be applied to whatever size project I wish to build.

    Mark Armstrong

    You can make boxes and smaller items they make good presents and do not take up much room.
    When it comes to bigger items you need a space for them to go in.
    Well I know I do not have much space.As much as I would like to make coffee table. I do not have room. So it means someone you know would have to want something like that or try and sell but as we are learning and making mistakes may not be good enough to sell on.
    Obviously if you have a need or space for item thats a good job. So go ahead and enjoy yourself.

    I do watch every new video with grate enjoyment and download videos for later reference.
    I know I have the skills to build most of these items as I am a Carpenter by Trade just need to refine skill for furniture. I love some of Paul’s little tricks that’s what I am picking up on.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    I am actually building a coffee table but it’s a different design. Will post pictures soon. Although the design is different the same techniques apply. I am a member from the start and I own the Working Wood 1 and 2 course. Still I haven’t build any of the projects yet. My own project list is way too long ๐Ÿ™‚ That doesn’t mean I don’t follow Paul’s methods.

    Is it Wednesday already? ๐Ÿ™‚


    David, that is a nice end table! It is what I am working on right now, albeit very slowly. Took me three weeks to prepare the lumber to rough dimensions… Only difference it mine will have a drawer and the sides will be straight..

    As for the coffee table, I have the room, but need the end table and have friends that are moving away this summer, so I want to give them presents first before starting big projects like this. The coffee table is on my list to make but as usual life gets in the way!

    David Gill

    Hi Dan
    Thanks for that,
    I look forward to seeing photos of your completed table the fitting of a drawer will increase the challenge.
    I have made two more tables out of pine following the same method of manufacture but in all three cases I have always started off with the timber supplied planed all round (PAR) thereby reducing the effort and time required to complete the process.

    Wigan, Lancs. England :

    Mark Armstrong

    Nice tables David ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Dagenham, Essex, England

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