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    I have made the template to make the pegs, for some reason it appears to be way too small, there is a gap of about 16mm between the two pegs, when drawing onto them, surely this can’t be right? can somebody give me the dimensions of their template to drawer out the pegs from? somewhere along the line I must have made a mistake.

    here’s a couple of pics from my mobile to help show you what I mean,

    any help would be appreciated, not sure where I’ve gone wrong,



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    I worked out why just now, it turns out I have made the oak pegs too long, it’s an easy mistake to make, I didn’t study the drawings close enough, no need to reply.

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    Here’s something I did because I had the same issue. I modified my template to be the exact size of my sliding dovetail. I can mark the dovetail and the pin from the same template insuring a match no mater what thickness my peg turns out to be. And the bonus is, I can use the template for final sizing of the dovetail slot. The all the fettling can be done on the Peg!…

    After re-reading your post I see that I am talking about a different issue. But for anyone new… here is a good suggestion!

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein

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