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    Joseph Sellers

    I just want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for making this forum a success. I love reading it. This aspect of the site is one that we cannot take credit for. It only exists because you guys ask, and answer, questions.

    Please keep posting.

    I want to especially thank Gary Palmer (@gazpal) and Ken Haygarth ( @ken) for their posts. You guys have been instrumental in getting this thing off the ground. Thanks.


    Joseph, we all thank you and Paul, for making it possible. Great job many thanks 😉


    I second that Joseph. Hats off to Gary and Ken……even though they are Geordies!!


    Yorkshireman currently living in Hampshire


    HaHa, thanks Jon 😉


    You’re more than welcome Joseph 🙂 and many thanks for your vote of confidence Jon 😀


    Gary and Ken does indeed deserve a big thanks for their awesome activity in the forum.

    But I would also like to direct a big thank you to Paul and Joseph who does a great job improving the site, making new videos and much more!

    Hopefully you feel that your efforts are important and appreciated 🙂

    I get a smile on my face everyday as I check the member count and see that there are always more and more real power woodworkers joining the ranks.

    All the best to you all

    Located in Jönköping, Sweden.


    I like to thank Paul , Joseph and everybody else who are involved for starting this course.

    I have learned more about woodworking and having confidence in what you are doing in those few weeks

    than in al those years before.

    Also a big applause for all the forum members who are all very helpful .



    Lopik - Netherlands


    I’d like to thank Paul for making the time and effort to set all this up. I gave up working with wood a long time ago (20 years) mainly due to the expense and space needed for all the machines needed/recommended by the so called experts.  Just finishing University at 22 years old with student loans, purchasing equipment was not in cards so to speak.   Now I am in a better situation financially and the desire to be creative and work with my hands has resulted in the purchase of Paul’s book and DVDs. I’ve accumulated the basic tools and built myself a workbench, actually two, one is used for assembly/drying, built 1/2 dozen boxes, built several wallclocks for christmas gifts, a shooting board and now am planning a donkey eared shooting board with the plans Gary provided me.  All this in a small 8×10 room, no noise, no dust.  It is refreshing to say the least.

    I plan on replacing all my manufactured furniture with my own hand made items and am looking forward to the challenges ahead, with Paul’s guidance of course!

    Sincerely, Dave



    Well said Dave, nice post buddy

    Brent Ingvardsen

    Thanks to everyone who makes this forum a vast depository of knowledge.



    Meridianville, Alabama, USA

    Ron Harper

    As an aging fart, I have some perspective. When I was a young woodworker, a site like this was inconceivable. What a fantastic resource for a young craftsman. Thanks Paul, and all the others who have a hand in it.



    John Poutier

    I agree, this is a world class effort thanks to Paul’s team and great contributors. The results surely reflect that. I just wish I had the time to catch up to some of you guys! I’m still making spoons and spatulas out of oak firewood for Christmas gifts,  Nothing to show off but my daughters-in-law like them,  and I’m sure learning the importance of sharp tools!  Now my daughter would  like a jewley box that looks a lot like a shaker candle box and one of my sons a book shelf and …….well, you get the picture. Fantastic!


    Yorktown, Virginia

    David Gill

    I to think it is a great site and would like to also thank Joseph and Paul for initiating it and Gary and Ken for their helpful, encoraging and informative posts

    Long may it continue



    Wigan, Lancs. England :

    Steve Follis

    Anyone know the whereabouts of Gary Palmer?

    I know he has come and gone a couple of times, and I recall him stating a couple months back that he was dealing with health issues. It looks as if he is gone again now, his account is showing up as Anonymous.

    He was a great contributor to the Forum here. I hope all is well with him and he returns soon.

    Memphis, Tennessee

    George Bridgeman

    @crance Gary’s got really bad arthritis that flares up from time to time. I messaged him a while back and he said he’s suffering badly so can’t get in the shop at all. I agree with you – he was a great asset as he was a retired cabinet maker. In his last message he sounded frustrated about not being able to continue, but I wouldn’t count on him returning, unfortunately.


    "To know and not do is to not know"

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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