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    Brian A

    I agree with everyone that this is not a great hand-tool bench. But, and this is a big but,

    this sort of design is useful, even in a mostly hand-tool shop, as one needs, or may find it salubrious at times, to use a sundry power tool, such as, and heavens forfend or when the arm nerve compression is acting up, a Rotary Saw (the latter of which I move to have added to the compendium of ‘hand tools’, mostly because I hold it in my hand during use).

    Therefore, in addition to my primary 300 lb, steel re-enforced, 4×4 legged pine bench, I will also be using a reclaimed bedroom dresser, butt joined with finish nails and glue and complemented with an added MDF top, as a side-bench in my shop. I will bolt a metal-working vice on top, and will have added wheels to the base. Whenever I need to cut MDF, mostly while constructing this side-bench, I can wheel this monster outside and ‘take care of business’, as it were (the wheels also help for sweeping purposes). Moreover, I can put all my accursed powertools in the drawers so they don’t offend my tender sensibilities when I am woodworking (Seriously. that is mainly why I am putting them in the dresser, and…also because they are very dusty and difficult to stack, and also because their added weight will help stabilize the dresser, which I think is akin to an Akia offering.).



    Everyone has their idea of what works. This table style works for him. Great! It’s obvious he put a bit of thought into it. “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place” seems to apply.

    I liked the idea of the thru-drawers, given your shop is big enough that you can work on both sides.

    When he demonstrated “how to clean up”, and just shoved all his tools into the well, I cringed for those poor chisels and blades!


    I watched most of the video. The guy built a bench that worked for him. Evidently he travels a lot and rather than taking a bulky workbench with him, he site builds this bench. I think it’s a great idea for his style of woodworking. I found a bench design a few years ago that can travel with you and it’s pretty nice as well, for what it is designed to do. It looks like it could be used for hand tools in a pinch or if like this guy, you travel and want a functional bench. I actually built small bench when I first started working with hand tools and used his idea on the pipeclamp vises. It served the purpose at the time.. Now I have Paul’s design of the English workbench.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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