The ultimate in hand sawing

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    Ken Dart

    Someone sent me this .I think it must be the biggest hand sawn item that i’ve seen,but i guess that was the only way before chainsaws were invented.I wonder how long it took to cut down this monster.


    Amazing! It must have taken days to cut down!


    Some saw sharpening must have been fun.


    Thanks for posting Ken, I can’t imagine how old is that tree 200-400 years old.Can you just think about this one tree and what you can make from this…home,barn, furniture.

    Toronto, Canada

    Ken Dart

    yes i think that this tree must have been cut back in the early 1900 .here are are a few more photo’s from the same period.

    Adam Drysdale



    Must be a giant sequoia from the Sierra Nevada, judging from the conifers in the background.

    Could have just hollowed out a section and lived inside it!


    Must have been deafening when those trees fell…

    -Scott Los Angeles

    Charles Cleland

    I worked on a wildland fire crew for a summer on the west coast of the USA. We had to cut down a large tree as it had been struck by lightning and was a danger to the others around it (trying to remember the species, I think it was a fir of some type but don’t quote me, it’s been a long while!). After the fire was out we ended up sitting on it over night to mop up and watch for hot spots, so we started counting rings. That tree was over 200 years old THE DAY COLUMBUS SET FOOT IN AMERICA. Massive, we had to request a specialist sawyer team with a ridiculously long bar on their saw, must have been 7 feet and required 2 men to use.

    Washington State, USA
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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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