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    mike forbes

    I picked up some scrap cut off bin Maple from Paxton Lumber here in denver and made a few spoons.

    I modeled them after some plastic spoons I have and they came out reasonably well. I had previously tried some spatulas that were far easier to carve. The maple gave me a constant lesson in grain direction. I will say once I trimmed up the blanks closer with the bandsaw, stock removal got easier.

    I used mainly a Record 151 flat bottom spokeshave with a little use of the round bottom for the curves where the spoon meets the handle. I found the round bottom a lot harder to use than the flat. A scraper cleaned things up and really helped with the tear out.

    For the spoon I used a Two Cherries 7/20 gouge I found at the local hardware store. It worked great and is still quite sharp after making 7 spoons. This is good as I haven’t sharpened a gouge before. I finished up the spoons with a scraper.

    The maple was tough but a super sharp spokeshave didn’t mind too much. I even carved the end grain on the handle with it.

    Symmetry was challenging. Next time I might do darker lines and try to stay closer than this round. The grain was a task, maple is probably not the best starter wood for carving 🙂

    I have not finished them yet, I will most likely use mineral oil but I still may touch them up a bit.



    Certainly better looking than my first attempt. It’s long burned up in the fireplace.

    Yours have some character and are yet still symmetrical.

    My spatulas didn’t get any finish. Just soaked them in water, let them dry and sanded with 400 grit. Repeated it two or three times, now they stay smooth as silk.
    And I just put them in the dishwasher, still OK.
    The chemist in me still believes that every oil you put on them, it’ll get soaked off when you clean them as the washing liquid is specifically designed to dissolve oily stuff.



    Nice job on the spoons!


    mike forbes

    Hi Diego, what you say makes sense. I shipped them off uncoated as gifts.

    Thanks Dave. I seem to love that 35 dollar spokeshave, no lines or fine measurements to adhere to.


    Frank Joseph

    They look good. Maple is a good spoon wood,

    In South Jersey the good part of New Jersey, USA.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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