Tool part identification – a plough plane fence.

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    Leslie Legg


    I am trying to identify the plough plane to which this fence belongs. Whilst having similarities to a Stanley or Record No. 45 it does not entirely match up to these in my view. Can anyone help please?
    The post holes have 4″ centres and the length of the fence is just over 8″

    [attachment file=554185]

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    Larry Geib


    Looks to me like an older Record 044 fence with one wing broken or cut off and replacement thumb screws.

    They are a bit fragile if you drop them.

    record 044

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    I believe that it is the side fence from a Pemuvar P 44 plough plane.

    Here’s a set of pictures from a seller’s web site that shows the unusual short front end, the side pocket intended to accommodate the protrusion of wider blades and the embossed diamond pattern on the thumb-screws.

    Pemuvar occasionally come up on auctions. They were a British company who made small, angular planes usually in aluminium. Active about the 1950s, I believe. This No: 44 seems to be an iron clone of the Record/Stanley 044/050/50 series of ploughs.

    Leslie Legg


    Hi Larry Geib!
    Thanks for your response – the fence in your photo certainly looks similar. However I think the 044 post hole centres might be at 3″ centres approx. rather than 4″.
    Great to have contact people like yourself with an appreciation of fine tools.
    Regards, Leslie.

    Leslie Legg


    Hi A Joyner!
    Thank you so much for your very informative response.
    The fence component that I have matches every detail in the comprehensive set of photos to which you gave the link.
    I am certain that now I have the answer to my question – it’s a Pemuvar P 44 component.
    Your response has also introduced me to the Pemuvar name of which I was not aware hitherto.
    I am very grateful for your input.



    Yes, I was not aware of that manufacturer either.

    However, I have a couple of Record 50’s (not 44’s) with the same embossed diamond impression on some of the thumbscrews (not all) and I had assumed that this was a Record characteristic. The fence, in both of those cases, was different to the one illustrated. Must have been a manufacturer out there who was producing those thumbscrews which both Record and Pemuvar (and maybe others) seemed to have used.

    It would be interesting to measure up the other Record 44/50 clones as well such as Rapier and Marples to see if they were basically the same master pattern with different details.

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